Rich makes cabinets that are designed for a broad dynamic range.  The sound is clear and focused at all levels. A deep, full bass, well defined, adds richness to the total range of the instrument. A cabinet you can push without distortion.

He started building speaker cabinets to fill a void in the market, a small cabinet with a big sound.  Many musicians have complained that in order to get a great sound from their guitar, they had to carry about 80 pounds of equipment.  After building many cabinets, he found the solution to the weight and size problem without sacrificing a big accurate tone.  The final result is a compact, closed -back, tuned, ported cabinet that produces a warm, focused tone with no break-up.

"A Big Focused Sound in a Small Portable Cabinet"

We stock all models and find they are a great compliment to the Acoustic image line of amplifiers.  Please contact us if you have any questions !

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The "Stealth 12"