We proudly introduce the much sought after RODE family
of professional microphones. In the tradition of such classics as
Neumann, RODE stands out as one of the bright lights in the
recording industry. We have started stocking the NT-1 and NT-2.

The mic that started it all for Australia's RODE company, the NT-2
emerges as a mic for all seasons!
This precision, large diaphragm condenser microphone was hand assembled
in Australia by a team of skilled technicians. Its low noise, transformerless
circuitry design delivers full frequency response. It comes with a selectable
high pass filter, -10dB pad, as well as omni or cardioid patterns. Comes with a
custom RODE case (pun intended!), with shock mounts and windscreen.

Pristine on vocals. Crisp on acoustic guitar. This mic shines light on every performance.

This review comes from AUDIO MEDIA magazine.

"On guitar, the microphone seemed to counteract the usual acoustic
boom at the bottom end, which had us reaching for the roll-off
filter on the other units. With vocals, the NT2's increased presence
was pleasing. We than tried piano where it faithfully reproduced the
full range of sound.

We have to say that we did not expect a lot from this inexpensive
newcomer to the condenser market, yet despite one or two
reservations, we were delighted with both the NT2's rugged
construction and pleasing audio performance. Costing around a
quarter the price of the 'market leader', there should be a large
market for it in studios and elsewhere. We know of many
musicians, particularly vocalists, who have long desired a decent
condenser but have been discouraged by financial considerations.
With those constraints largely removed, they alone could ensure
that this antipodean export from Røde will be a success. In
closing, we must report the Røde NT2 was a pleasure to use and
well worth a road test. The only major problem we experienced
 was giving it back!"

Why did the NT1 arrive after the NT2?  ... It took this long to get it right!
A revolutionary new Condenser microphone, the NT1will re-define recording industry standards.

Contrary to chronological intuition, the NT1 is the latest and
most affordable addition to the Røde range. Like the NT2, its
styling owes more than a little to the Germanic classics of old.
Despite being cheaper than the other mics in the Røde range, no
corners have been cut on quality - the main difference is that this is
a fixed pattern cardioid mic using a single diaphragm, large
diameter pressure gradient capsule.

Though the NT1 is a predominantly close vocal mic, it is still
flexible enough to do a better than average job on most
instruments, and it sounds supremely rich and detailed on acoustic

However, the biggest surprise is the price, because the NT1 comes
pretty close to the bottom of the price range you'd expect to pay
for a large diaphragm vocal mic, yet its performance is far from
entry level. The only corners that have been cut are the limitations
of a fixed cardioid pattern and the price.

Given the unbeatable performance to price ratio, and the fact that
most multi-pattern mics spend their life set to cardioid pattern, the
NT1 is the ideal buy for the discerning user who demands both
value and uncompromised performance.