It's Boogie Time!

It's been Boogie Time at Murch Music since the Spring of 1997, and the party's just getting started! They're not available at every store in town, but we've got 'em!

Check out this Quilted Maple Rectoverb we have in stock now !! (click here)

Their reputation has greatly preceded them. We've heard for years about Mesa/Boogie's attention to detail, but hearing them up close is all the proof we need. Quite simply, you can't get much better than this!

We have a large selection of Boogie amps in our store, from the unbelievable tone of the Heartbreaker, to the scorching sound of the Mark V. Hand wired, customized... an intense dedication to detail. These are not just "plug 'em in and play 'em" amps. These are a guitar players full palette, with selectable tube and rectifier configurations, and control over every aspect of the amp's sound. We could go on and on about all of the incredible features, but we'll let you discover them for yourselves!

Be sure to check out these spectacular guitar and bass amps as soon as you can!


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