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UPDATED October 2004
Electric Guitars:
 •Gibson/Epiphone Covering the amazing product line of both Gibson and Epiphone Guitars
•Paul Reed Smith Exquisite to say the least!
•Canadian Made Electrics Canadian made and proud of it. Some of the coolest guitars anywhere!
•Peavey An exhaustive product line makes Peavey a leader of the pack.
•Heritage Arch top guitars at their finest.
•G&L George and Leo's company, making great guitars in their great tradition.
•Danelectro Simple, retro, inexpensive, and a staff favorite at Murch Music!
•Rickenbacker Classics through and through.
•Megas Our newest line of high end Jazz guitars!
•Schecter Diamond Series! Our brand new line of 7 string electrics and many others!
•BC Rich Guitars The Warlock and other hard rock classics!
•Hofner Guitars & Basses New Classical guitars, archtops and basses.
•National Guitars The original Resophonic guitar company!
•Campellone Wonderful Jazz guitars from the USA.
•Megas Our newest line of high end Jazz guitars!
•Buscarino Guitars We are a dealer for John's great guitars !
•Ribbecke Guitars Watch one be built online - It can be yours!!
•Guitar Builders Top of the line guitar builders which we stock here.
•D'Angelico Guitars Legendary Arch-top guitars
•D'Aquisto Guitars Just in -- New Yorker Elec  click here for info
•Sadowsky Jim Hall Model We are the Canadian connection for this fine instrument
Acoustic Guitars:

WARNING! Humidity Alert!

•Taylor Some of the most popular guitars in the world come to us from Taylor.
•Martin Tone, Playability, Excellence, History: Martin Guitars!
•Larrivee World famous guitars made right here in Canada.
•Breedlove In stock now -- one more great acoustic ! 
Canadian Made acoustics Proudly Canadian. Amazing quality for such a good price.
•Alhambra Guitars! A touch of Spanish class!
•Deering Banjos Family owned, world renowned!

Bass Guitars:

•Peavey Lots of great basses at a wide price range.

(We also sell basses by Vantage and Barracuda. Our used selection is quite often stocked with Fenders and Gibsons. Check with us for an up to date list of our used gear.)



Read the article on Reazers Edge and Acoustic Image  (Click Here)

•Mesa/Boogie Tube amp technology sings perfection.
•Peavey Big selection of solid state and tube amps.
•Yorkville Sound Fantastic PA and instrument Amps!
•Evans Jazz Amps  The home of our newest Jazz amp.
• Polytone Page A spotlight on Polytone's amazing amp collection
• Raezer's Edge Cabinets Custom Speaker Cabinets for Guitar and Bass
Ultrasound Amps A great acoustic amp and also two hot jazz models with digital effects or spring reverb
• Acoustic Image Custom Amplifiers for Guitar and Bass.  The Clarus and Contra are unique and very much in demand !!


•Ludwig Ludwig's history speaks for itself. 
•Primordial Percussion Earth-friendly Percussion from Ingersoll!

(We also sell Remo products, not to mention a large supply of percussion instruments.)

More MURCHandise (!) To Consider...

Behringer  Yes  -- we have the full line at great prices !
Electro Harmonix We carry a full line of Electro Harmonix pedals 
Rentals and Repairs Get the info you need on our PA rentals as well as our repair shop.
Digital Recording Our new page devoted to Roland and Tascam.
KORG Keyboards! We now proudly sell KORG synths! Check 'em out here!
Rode Microphones Our newest product! Some of the best pro mics on the market.
Line 6 POD POD brings the Line 6 Digital Revolution to recording guitarists.
Roland and Boss Pianos/Recorders/Effects Pedals & MORE!
Mackie Products! We proudly sell Mackie mixers and studio gear!
Wireless Systems Audio Technica and Samson

Other Great Products That We Have!

For info on many of our other products, such as Tascam 4-tracks, Roland Digital hard disk recorders, Shure, Audio Technica, Peavey and AKG Mics, and many many more... go to our other products page, as linked above.

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