Primordial Percussion - Hot New Product!

A Canadian owned manufacturing company, operating in the southern Ontario town of Ingersoll. 

Specializing in manufacturing high quality, hand crafted, traditional percussion instruments
( Ashiko, Djembe, Djun-Djun and Frame drums ) from around the world.

Primordial Percussion supplies first rate products, service and promotional support needed by dealers and percussionists throughout the world.

Environmental considerations in Manufacturing:

  1. Domestic lumber from known environmentally conscious sources only!
  2. Earth friendly stains, pigments, glues and coatings
  3. Natural rawhide skins…handpicked.
  4. Ropes with lifetime guarantee ( no need to re-rope)
  5. Waste from manufacturing sent to re- cycling (e.g. sawdust for gardening, ropes for stuffing).
  6. Proceeds of sales go to non-profit groups committed to mother earth preservation and world peace. Currently United Lodge of Theosophists and World Wildlife Fund.

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