Peavey Instruments

Beautiful and poetic, yet made like a horse, the Peavey line of musical instruments are made for the working musician - built to last!

Peavey have long been well known for making excellent amplifiers at affordable prices. Since we started to sell Peavey products here at Murch Music, we have become astonished at the amount of product they manufacture. Maybe this is why they have their own magazine, just to keep everybody informed on their ever-expanding catalogue!

Peavey guitars have long been a main stay among working guitarists. The much lawded EVH Wolfgang has certainly turned heads in the music community. When the name Van Halen is on it, you know this baby's gotta rock!


Check out the new Predator Plus. This guitar looks like a top of the line (and therefore hard to afford!) instrument. It plays beautifully, with a smooth playability, with lots of sound options. So, how much is it?!!  You won't believe how affordable this guitar is. Check it out next time you're in to see us!

For more info on these guitars, go to Peavey's website.


Without question, the biggest selling guitar amplifier at our store has continued to be the Peavey Rage 158, an impressive little box of dynamite. Big, grungy distortion; smooth, glassy clean sound; headphone jack (for mom and dad!); all for under $130!!

Peavey's ©Transtube technology has given solid state amplifiers a kick in the pants. These non-tube "tube" sounding amps include the one thing that is so often missing in a non-tube amp.... FEEL. The entire line of ©Transtube amps give you all the "in your face" attack of a solid state amp, but with the feel and expression of a tube amp.

However... for tube amp fans, the ©Classic series of Peavey all tube amps, have made their name on the tube amp market, so long dominated by.... uh, that OTHER amp company!!   The Classic 20, 30 and 50, plus the Delta Blues amp have become industry standards for lush, gorgeous tube sound. They're all here at the store for you to try!

We recently began selling and Renting Peavey sound systems, and we quickly learned just how big the Peavey catalogue was. They have a system for every possible application, from small rehearsal halls, to "disco-ball" dance clubs. Microphones, power amps, crossovers, powered mixers... you name it, Peavey makes it!

Peavey Electronics

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