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MP8DX Eight Channel Dual Powered Mixer (400W+200W)
with Digital Effects Processor
The MP-8DX sets a new performance standard over others in its class.
Fan-cooled dual power amplifiers deliver a full 400 Watts @ 4 ohms to mains
and 200 Watts @ 2 ohms to monitors.
Other features include a built-in digital effects processor with 255 presets,
9-band EQ for mains and 5-band EQ for monitors as well as phantom power.
Channels include bass, mid and treble controls, effects and monitor sends and balanced
inputs. Multiple clip indicators are provided to detect distortion throughout the signal path.

The AP family of Power Amps -
The Power of Choice
Yorkville's continuing research in new high efficiency designs sets new standards for quality,
reliability and performance in sound reinforcement.
AP-Series amplifiers deliver more power and weigh less, thus representing
a significant advance in analog power amplifier design.

Keyboard Amps - Bass Amps - Acoustic Guitar Amps -
Designed For Players
Working directly with players, Yorkville engineers have learned a great deal.
Conceived by players, Yorkville products attend to the needs of the user.
From the compact BM50 bass combo & the rack-mountable BM400H head,
to the unique 50W wedge monitor & stereo 300K keyboard mixer/amp, and the new crisp
new Acoustic Master AM50, Yorkville amplifiers reflect the latest in modern technology
and offer the highest quality to suit professionals and beginners alike.

Inside every Yorkville amp, we use high-grade,  glass epoxy circuit boards, low noise
metal film resistors, phone jacks with gold plated contacts, chassis metal 1 to 2 gauges
thicker than the competition and a solid 3/4" plywood construction.
Outside you'll find heavy gauge metal speaker grilles, rugged carpet covering and
high-impact corners. Add rigorous factory testing and our unbeatable
2 YEAR (EVEN IF YOU BREAK IT!) Unlimited Transferable Warranty,
and you can be sure you've got quality and reliability that you can count on for years to come.

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