Once only a guitar maker's dream and the choice of a very select few, Paul Reed Smith has become one of the fastest growing guitar companies of the last ten years. Exposure to these amazing instruments has increased exponentially, as more and more of today's leading guitar players proudly play them. 

The PRS Hollowbody Spruce model

Without a doubt, these guitars are among the finest made on the planet. Custom body work, exquisite hand crafting, innovative designs, gorgeous, fast necks, precise tuners, and one of a kind electronics and tremolo systems have helped to make the PRS the classic of tomorrow. In the same way that Fender's and Gibson's from the 50's and 60's are now worth a fortune on the vintage market, many experts believe that the PRS guitars of today will be the Fender's and Gibson's of tomorrow. Who are we to argue with the experts?!!

Now... PRS's for under $1000!  Carlos Santana cares about the rest of us, so he used his influence at PRS to have a line of Santana models made affordably for a mass audience. They look like PRS's, they sound amazing, but they cost much less than the other Santana models from PRS. PRS tuners, tremelo bar, glued-in necks and other standards for PRS adorn these new Santana models!

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