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East of the rugged Cascade Mountains, in Central Oregon's high desert, the consistent climate is perfect for making fine instruments. It is here that the skilled luthiers at the Breedlove Guitar Company design and build some of the world's finest guitars and mandolins with meticulous care and attention to detail. Breedlove designers are pioneers in melding the best aspects of traditional guitar making with new ideas, appropriate technology and master luthier skills to create instruments with unsurpassed tone, feel and striking visual appeal. A continual interaction between function and art informs all of their designs.

At the peak of their art form, and a lifetime of experience in traditional guitar design and construction, Steve Henderson and Larry Breedove had a vision to build fine guitars... their own way. They moved to Oregon in 1990 and chose their team with the same care they select their materials. Today, Steve remains chief designer and innovator, while Larry's older brother, Kim Breedlove, is a master luthier and artist supported by other highly skilled luthiers whose passion and dedication are apparent in the quality and craftsmanship of each instrument they create.

Uncompromising traditional craftsmanship, environmental consciousness, and customer focus are at the core of the Breedlove philosophy. Breedlove guitars are built from hand-selected, naturally aged tone woods from the Northwest and around the world. Breedlove is dedicated to using alternatives to endangered rain forest woods and offers the widest selection of non-traditional tone woods in the industry. They also boast impressive custom inlay work and an extraordinary range of body configurations and appointment upgrades.

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