Murch Music
Wireless Products

VHF TD Series--Some people need that extra edge in
wireless reception that only True Diversity technology can
provide. With VHF TD, you have two separate antennas
and a receiver that automatically scans and selects the strongest, clearest
signal. Which helps reduce problems like signal "dropouts" or RF interference.
And you get clean, clear audio quality that stands out in
any performance, fitness session or public speaking situation.

* Versatile performance, easy operation
and long-term dependability
* Advanced dipole antenna system
extends operating range
* InvisibleLink® circuitry delivers
optimum sound quality
* Dual-power battery-save switches
on transmitters
*ATW-T27 UniPakTM transmitter
includes Super Hi-Z input that
provides optimum load for guitar pickups
* ATW-T28 handheld
microphone/transmitter features
Hi-ENERGY® dynamic element with
superior internal shock mounting

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