For months, we have been showing off the Danelectro stomp boxes, and now the excitement jumps up a notch as we introduce for the first time at Murch Music...
Danelectro GUITARS!!

Turn on Much Music or go to a concert and you will see today's top artists still playing those great Danelectro guitars of the 1950's!   If you can find an original, you will pay thousands, but now you can come to us to see brand new reissues of their impressive 50's guitars.

COOLER than U2!
 The reissue 1956-U2 model. Comes in lots of cool "fifties" colours!

The reissue 56-U2 features incredible Lipstick pickups, dual stacked tone and volume controls, great playability, and cool vintage looks.

... and you won't believe the prices!!  Check them out today!

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