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If you've shied away from any mixer with built-in effects and a graphic EQ until
now, we can't blame you.
The new CFX(TM) Series are the first "effects" mixers that meet Greg Mackie's
stringent standards for sound quality, low noise and high headroom.
Mackie's Digital Engineering staff contributed sophisticated EMAC(TM) 32-bit
digital effects that are the equal of outboard processors. They spent a ridiculous
amount of time perfecting a graphic EQ section. And they packed their CFX Series
mic/line mixers with extra features.

The new PPM Series Powered Mixers have integrated FR
Series amplifiers and EMAC digital effects processor built-in.
Get ready for the new SRM450 active technology speaker.
The first sound reinforcement loudspeaker
accurate enough to sound like
a studio monitor.
Only way, WAY louder.

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