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With the creation of our new Keyboard and Recording Room at our store, we are officially entering the pro-synth market with some amazing Korg keyboards. The company itself dates back to the early 1960's. They have always been popular, but certainly it was the M1 Synthesizer that made them a household name, and the tradition of unique and state of the art keyboards continues to build their reputation in the music industry.

 The Korg Triton makes its arrival at Murch Music!

The next step in workstation evolution, Korg's new TRITON delivers the ultimate sonic arsenal with maximum expressive power and control.

More flexible functions than ever before, with expanded modulation and effect routing.
Korg's ground-breaking HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system broadens your sound-creating possibilities.
32 MB of high-quality 48 kHz PCM samples are featured, and the five stereo insertion effects, two master effects, and one master EQ (stereo three-band) provide you with all the tools to create the perfect sound.
Full-featured mono/stereo sampling functionality with 48 kHz 16 bit linear sampling lets you use up to 64 Mbytes of memory.
An optional six-voice MOSS DSP synth engine can be installed.
A highly quality effect section with flexible routing capabilities and a BPM/MIDI SYNC function for controlling effects in sync to a tempo.
Built-in 16 track sequencer with an over 200,000 note capacity! Triton's new Cue List, Song Templates and RPPR functions make music production speedier and easier than ever.
The polyphonic dual arpeggiators add new dimension to your Programs, Combinations and Sequences.
Six outputs with easy sound and effect routing capabilities.
The TouchView Graphical User Interface lets you easily operate the instrument with a touch of the finger.
Four realtime knobs, two switches, three Arp control knobs and a ribbon controller add to your expressive control.
User-installable option boards include a MOSS tone generator, additional PCM , and a SCSI connector that let you easily expand the functions of your Triton.

Check out Korg's extensive info at their Triton page!


Check out the new Triton LE -- 76 and 88 key models- in stock now !!

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